Welcome Ireland Puppies!!

Meet puppy 1 (pink). She’s a spunky girl, weighing in at a whopping 13 oz (the biggest!). She’s brown with a black mask and a white stripe. The girls nicknamed her Chunky.

Puppy 2 (green) is a sweet boy that looks like his momma. He’s mostly black with a tiny white dot on the back of his neck. He also has some awesome faint stripes on his back. We have nicknamed him Ireland (after his mom) 2.0 or Mini-Me.

Puppy 3 (white) is the only other girl and she looks just like her big sis puppy 1, except she doesn’t have the white stripe on her face but she’s just as pretty. We have nicknamed her Chippy because she looks like a chipmunk!

Puppy 4 (blue) is known as Oreo since he is black with white around his neck. He is the “easy one” because his birth was the easiest, he popped right out and he nursed immediately.

Puppy 5 (red) is a beautiful boy that is a brown/black with white on his face and belly. We thought he was the last one and the “baby” of the family, however, puppy 6 messed that up with his fashionably late arrival. We are calling him Cookies & Cream….because Oreo was taken.

Puppy 6 (orange) is our late boy as he came when everyone had left and we thought we were done. He’s mostly black and has an amazing white stripe on his face and a white belly. He’s a handsome boy.