Welcome Ireland Puppies!!

Meet puppy 1 (pink). She’s a spunky girl, weighing in at a whopping 13 oz (the biggest!). She’s brown with a black mask and a white stripe. The girls nicknamed her Chunky.

Puppy 2 (green) is a sweet boy that looks like his momma. He’s mostly black with a tiny white dot on the back of his neck. He also has some awesome faint stripes on his back. We have nicknamed him Ireland (after his mom) 2.0 or Mini-Me.

Puppy 3 (white) is the only other girl and she looks just like her big sis puppy 1, except she doesn’t have the white stripe on her face but she’s just as pretty. We have nicknamed her Chippy because she looks like a chipmunk!

Puppy 4 (blue) is known as Oreo since he is black with white around his neck. He is the “easy one” because his birth was the easiest, he popped right out and he nursed immediately.

Puppy 5 (red) is a beautiful boy that is a brown/black with white on his face and belly. We thought he was the last one and the “baby” of the family, however, puppy 6 messed that up with his fashionably late arrival. We are calling him Cookies & Cream….because Oreo was taken.

Puppy 6 (orange) is our late boy as he came when everyone had left and we thought we were done. He’s mostly black and has an amazing white stripe on his face and a white belly. He’s a handsome boy.

Momma Dog is Here!

Our first momma dog of 2017 has just arrived and is resting comfortably in the Den!

This is our “H” litter, and Momma’s name is Honolulu.

Honolulu birthed 6 of the 8 puppies she has with her. When Honolulu had her babies, there were also two puppies from another mom (who unfortunately didn’t make it) that the rescue asked Honolulu if she would not mind helping nurse.  She willingly obliged and has unconditionally reared the two puppies in addition to her own.

In rescue, often puppies get separated from mom and each other, adding an unbearable amount of emotional stress on all.  However, in this case, our awesome rescue colleagues, who value our work so much, called us and asked if we would consider taking this momma and puppies all together, to keep them together as long as possible before they are adopted.

Without any hesitation, we moved forward with their request. Then, two days later… here they are.

Honolulu is the epitome of an amazing momma. She is confident, social, friendly, curious, trusting and incredibly attentive to her puppies.

Her puppies are 10 weeks old and full of life. The next two weeks will bring about a lot of learning, accomplishments and with your help, their forever homes.

More updates and photos soon!


Doglando Foundation Update

Our whereabouts:

Dear Old Friends and New Friends,

It may seem like we were off the radar… for a long while… behind the scenes, we have been actively discussing, seeking and strategizing for a stronger and better Doglando Foundation. The Full Tummy program and the Fetch and Give Program remain in full swing, thanks to two of our strongest helpers Jaine with FT and Karen with F&G. We have vowed to support them with all our hearts, as they connect with the homeless pet parents of East Orlando.

Over the last many months, the board has undergone big changes. We welcomed new board members. We took a thorough look at our organization, its mission and vision and talked about many new programs we will launch in the near future.

One of the biggest challenges discussed was the Puppy BREATH program. As many of you know, we are not a rescue. Our scope is very specific. Our goals are to participate in efforts that help enrich the quality of life for pregnant dogs in high kill shelters. Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring the highest of care is provided to every momma dog under our care so that she can be the best momma to her puppies. This includes giving her the opportunity to emotionally support herself through journey of motherhood, by keeping her with her puppies as long as naturally needed. As a result, the puppies are often between 14-16 weeks, almost double the length of time most puppies are with litter mates and mum.

During this time, we set forth in our plan for achieving the highest level of behavioral wellness, which includes potty training, socialization (other animals, adults and children), exposure to many places, sounds and stimuli; and we even train them in basic manners and leash walking.

In the past, the Puppy BREATH project has taken form in several ways. We have been fortunate to whelp a couple litters, we have taken in momma’s with their new born litters, mommas with non-nursing puppies because she was made to dry up and we have taken in a litter without momma.

Rounding up a steady and reliable stream of volunteers is the hardest of feats. To further complicate this matter, the scope of Puppy BREATH means more than just cuddling a puppy. There is a lot of “real” work involved.

We put our thinking caps on, weighed out the pros and cons of every variation of our program conducted thus far, and now we are ready to launch PB, 2017.

The “H” litter (more about them next) will be going into foster homes starting Tuesday. This litter has re-birthed the KARMA Club (Kids Achieving Results for Mankind & Animals); a Doglando Foundation program that was tabled several years ago.

Members of the KARMA Club are graduates of Camp Doglando. They are our foster kids. They will take the dogs under their wings, instill good manners and teach them with patience and kindness, preparing them with the skills they will need to be successful as lifetime canine companions.

Please contact us to learn more about adoptions, joining our board, volunteering or the Doglando Foundation.

Thank you for your support. We have a lot of work ahead of us, please help us get the “H” litter and momma into the most awesome homes ever!

Love, The Doglando Foundation